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Incidentally, iTunes UK is expected to have the movie available for downloads within the next two months. iTunes Asia, Australia and New Zealand are still in the works.

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Coming soon... a video of the San Farancisco Premiere of the movie!
 Ryan & Sean with Producer Derek Zemrak, Reno Zemrak, Shorty Rossi and Michael Buckley from the movie and Brian Zemrak writer of Ryan & Sean's NOt So Excellent Adventure.


 COMING SOON!  Another video of the Premiere of "Ryan & Sean's NOT So Excellent Adventure", this time you will see the excitement of the fans at the San Francisco Premiere!   We will also have highlights of the LA Premiere in another video later!  If you were there, relive the craziness!  If you were not there, see what happened!


      Check out our YouTube video of the Honolulu & Hilo Premier of the movie with Ryan & Sean.  Click here to view it  Coming soon video of clips of the Los Angeles Premier and the San Francisco Premier!   They will include interviews with Ryan, Sean, "Helga" (Tim Enos) and more!  All from On Screen & Beyond!



Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure - DVD



On Screen & Beyond will have all the information, photo's of the production as it is being filmed, interviews and so much more!  Only on On Screen & Beyond!

The highly rated "YouTube" comedians Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi are starring in a new movie which is in production. It is called "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure". 

Check out our podcast episode 20 with our interview with Ryan Higa, as we talk about how it all started and the upcoming movie! 

Check out our podcast episode 21 with our interview with Bobbi Billard, who appears in "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure" as Brunhilda.

Check out our podcast episode 23 with our interview with Richard Van Vleet, the director of "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure".

Come back often to see what we post as the movie progresses from filming to the Premier and on to DVD!  Right here on OSB!


Update, December 3, 2008 -  Premier Photos



Update, October 18, 2008 -   DATES AND THEATER LOCATIONS ARE STARTING TO BE ANNOUNCED!  We will post them as they are released. 

Thursday November 13, 2008 -  7pm - The ImaginAsian Center in Los Angeles, California 251 South Main Street, Los Angeles Nov 13 thru Nov 20

Friday November 14, 2008 -6:30pm - 4 Star Theater in San Francisco, California 2200 Clement St.

Friday November 14, 2008 - 7pm - Vine Cinema in Livermore, California 1722 1st St.

Update, September 24, 2008 -  Another photo from the set!


.Update, September 19, 2008 - Actor Shorty Rossi, who plays "Ink" in the Ryan & Sean movie, was on the new FOX TV show "Hole In The Wall" last night.

Brian Zemrak, the writer of "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure" and host of our podcast "On Screen & Beyond", is the voice narrating the trailer of the movie.  Several people emailed us asking if that was him.  Good ears!

Update, September 18, 2008 -    Check out Ryan as he broadcasts live Thursday's at 10pm PST and on Sunday's at 9pm PST on 

"Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure" comes out in NOVEMBER! BE READY! THE TRAILER IS HERE! Click here to see Ryan intro the trailer!!

Update, September 12, 2008 -  They sent us another photo! 


Update, September 11, 2008 -  THE TRAILER IS READY! We have seen the final trailer and it will be released soon!  They say possibly this weekend!  We will have a link here as soon as it's available to the public!  So check back often, so you can see it without searching all over the internet!  Also, more photos to come tomorrow! 

Update , September 4, 2008The official website is now up! Visit it at

Update , August 21, 2008 - Ryan and Sean are doing a radio interview on Canadian radio tonight! As general interest grows about the new movie, requests have been coming in for Ryan & Sean to do more interviews. Who knows where they will show up next!

Update , August 8, 2008 - New Photos!

   Ryan & Sean ride a mini bike in front of a green screen for special effects to be added later in the movie!

Update , August 7, 2008 - We will have more photos in the coming days.  We will also have info in the near future about contests and much more!  They are working on editing all the footage from the filming and we have seen an early teaser trailer, but at this time we can not release it for general viewing, as it is just a preliminary cut.  As soon as the producers release a finalized teaser trailer, we will have it here on On Screen & Beyond!  And in the coming months, we will have all the info on where the World Premier will be, where you can see the movie in Theaters and the eventual DVD release!  Stay tuned!

Update , August 6, 2008 - More photos of the production!

  The crew prepares the green screen for "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure"!

   Ryan & Sean in a scene from the movie!

Update , August 1, 2008 - Production has wrapped up on the film and now goes to post production where they will edit the footage, add music, etc.  We will keep you updated as things progress and will be adding more behind the scenes photo's and videos.  For now, here are 2 more behind the scenes videos.  Click on the photos to view.

Update , July 29, 2008 - Click on the photo below to go behind the scenes of the making of "Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure"!  More to come!

Update , July 28, 2008 - We have been busy getting ready to post some behind the scenes video footage of Ryan & Sean as they make the movie!  The footage looks great and will be posted shortly!   Stay tuned!

NEWS UPDATE !!!! - The name of Ryan & Sean's movie will be "RYAN & SEAN'S NOT SO EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!"

Update , July 24, 2008 - More photos!



Above: Ryan, Sean, Shorty as Ink and Michael Buckley as Horace Karmez.

Left: Ryan & Sean from behind the camera.

Ryan and Sean with Michael Buckley how plays producer Horace Karmez in the film. 

Update , July 23, 2008 - Photos from the set!

    Ryan & "Helga" in a scene from the movie!

  Ryan & Sean in a scene from the movie with Ink (Shorty Rossi)!

Update , July 22, 2008 - News update and photos!

NEWS UPDATE - Miss South Asia USA 2007, Niky Rishi, has a part in the Ryan & Sean film.

   Ryan and Sean pose for a publicity photo with Niky Rishi, Miss South Asia USA 2007.  Miss Rishi plays the part of the receptionist of producer Horace Karmez in the film.


 Ryan & Sean have a run-in with Airport Security (Mike Goyeneche) in a scene from the film.

  Ryan & Sean, filming a scene from the movie.

Update , July 21, 2008 -  FIlming wraps up in a few days, then on to post-production for editing and the music score!  We will have the name of the movie soon!



Above: Ryan prepares for a scene with the Barber.  Director Richard Van Vleet is on the left and Helga is in the back.  Sean is in the chair directly behind Ryan.

Left: Ryan sits in the Barber's chair in a scene from the movie.

Update , July 19, 2008 - Friday was a day off from filming.   Ryan, Sean and the cast and crew had a chance to relax before continuing filming on Saturday.

Update , July 18, 2008 - More photos and coming soon...some very special NEWS!

 Ryan and Sean take a moment for a picture with actress Allie Singer.

Update 6, July 17, 2008 - More photos and news update!

NEWS UPDATE - Houston Texans Quarterback Shane Boyd will have a cameo in the Ryan & Sean movie.  He will appear in a scene in a gym.




Above:  Ryan & Sean in a scene with the crew in position.

Left:  Is this a scene from the movie or are they just horsing around?

Update 4, July 15, 2008 - Cast list update!  More photos to come!

Ryan Higa     Sean Fujiyoshi    Shorty Rossi as Ink   Bobbi Billard as Brunhilda   Michael Buckley as Horace       Tim Enos as Helga      Ryan Click as Mangina, Vlad, Waitress, Cop, Hotel clerk       Paula Barkley as Drunk     James Brewer as English Guy     Pat Chilla as Sandy     Tony Mathews as Airport Agent     Steve Hitchcock as Eugene      Reno as Kid Fan #1   Aaron Nguyen as Kid Fan #2      Allie Singer as Studio Lot Teen #1       Mike Goyeneche as Airport Security

Update 2, July 13, 2008 - Producers say filming is going very well on the set for the Ryan & Sean film. They completed several scenes over the weekend and they say they are hilarious! These particular scenes spoofed some popular TV shows and Ryan and Sean did a great job!  They will be sending us some behind the scenes photos soon, which we will post as soon as we get them! 

Update 1, July 11, 2008- Filming begins today on the new Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi film at an undisclosed location. They will be the stars of the movie, which revolves around their misadventures as they are called by a movie producer to be his next new discovery and save his faultering company. Here are a few of the actors in the film. (more cast to come!)    

 Ryan Higa           Sean Fujiyoshi                                                                                               

Bobbi Billard - as Brunhilda, the security guard                                                    

Tim Enos - as Helga                                                                                                   

Ryan Click     

Directed by Richard Van Vleet                                                                    

Produced by Derek Zemrak & Leonard Pirkle                                                  

Written by Brian Zemrak