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This is where we place links to Independent Filmmaker's video's, clips  and websites to help to showcase their work.  No matter if your film is a bigger budget independent film or a no budget film, let us know.  All we need now is you .. the filmmaker, to send us your link and info so we can look it over and make our link.  Please include a photo of your poster/DVD cover/promo photo if you have one.  Also, please state in the email that you give us permission to post the photo, etc. on our website.  Send your info to us at  and we will help you showcase your work!  You've made the film, now let people know about it and see it!  We will place as many as we have time to check out and place on the site.  We reserve the right to link or not to link any film.  There is no charge for this, so you have nothing to lose.  So if you are a filmmaker, young or old, experienced or a beginner, let us know and we'll link to it! 

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Looking for that special score for your next film? Check out film composer Katrina Zemrak

for the sound you want! Click here to check out her website for

samples of her work.




On this edition of OSB Filmmaler's Corner, filmmakers Jeff Treves and Cengiz Zanbak talk about the animated music video they produced: "Beg You Back".  They are the founders of Treves Studios from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Click here to listen to the interview with Jeff & Cengiz              Click here to check out Treves Studio's Facebook page


Filmmaker Edilberto Restino's film deals with an assasination plot to kill Hitler in France, called RED LETTER.                           Click here to go to his website                                           Click here to listen to an interview with Edilberto Restino


At the heart of this film, is a very simple story about a very complicated relationship between three very different people. People who meet by chance, and who, in less time than it takes to have dinner-- become a “kind of family.”  The “core” of this story is: Three people meet, have dinner, and change each others lives forever.

           Click here to go to the website                       Click here to listen to an interview with producer Kim Waltrip

 Click here to go to website              Click here to listen to an interview with composer Robert Litton


Rock Slyde is a comedy spoof of the film noir type detective films of old.  The film stars Patrick Warburton and Andy Dick.                 Click here to go to the website                                              Click here to listen to an interview with producer Josh Young


From writer/director, Andrew Robinson, a survivor of the Columbine High School tragedy, comes April Showers a dramatized retelling of what it was like to be a survivor in the midst of the nation’s largest school shootings. Based largely on actual events, April Showers follows the story of Sean Ryan (Kelly Blatz, Prom Night) as he and fellow survivors attempt to make sense of the horrors they’ve just witnessed and, for Sean, coping with the loss of his friend April (Ellen Woglom, Viva Laughlin).                  Click here to go to the website              Click here to listen to an interview with producer Jenna Edwards

3D Animator-  - Filmmaker Karl Pontau is a 3D animator and Graphic Artist.  Check out his work on his website at the link to the right.      Click here to go to his website             Click here to listen to an interview with Karl.

STOP-MOTION ANIMATION - The Pit and the Pendulum - filmmaker Marc Lougee's film rediscovers a tale of judgement, condemnation,despair, hope and eventual redemption.  The Executive Producer on the project was animation and visual effects legend Ray Harryhausen.  Click here to go the the website.


FAMILY - Chronicles of Life "Starfish" - Starring Misty Lockheart and Donna Douglas (Elly May on The Beverly Hillbillies). This series of episodes will capture the heart of others and help us share in how they feel.  Click here to hear an interview with producer and actress Misty Lockheart or Click here to view the trailer of Starfish.

DOCUMENTARY - Executive Producer Sean K. Laskey's film "On The Edge Of Black and White" looks at life in the mid 1960's as America was undergoing a cultural change and the last of the TV shows were converting to color. This documentary stars actors who were child stars on those shows, including Bill Mumy (Lost In Space), Tony Dow (Leave It To Beaver) and many more.  Click here to go to the website.  

           HORROR -  "Red Velvet" starring Henry Thomas (E.T.) and Kelli Garner and directed by Bruce Dickson.  A chance encounter at a laundrymat between Aaron and Linda leds to and impomptu afternoon lunch date.   Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship or a spiraling path toward something more sinister and deadly?  Click here to go to the website.

 2008 CIFF IRON FILMMAKER CONTEST WINNER -  Filmmaker Matt Phipps and friends winning enter in the 2008 CIFF Iron Filmmaker Contest.  They made this short film in 24 hours; concept, script, casting, filming, editing, everything and came up with an amusing winner!  Click here to see the film.                



DOCUMENTARY/MAGAZINE  - Brazilian Cinema Magazine 1911-2005 Carlos Roberto de Souza has a cinema magazine and is working on a documentary film about two boys who grew up in the 1950's around their vintage cinema in Brazil.  Click here to view a Brazilian TV report on the story.