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OSB Book Nook & Things

The "OSB Book Nook & Things" page brings you info on books and music related to the entertainment industry.  It might be a celebrities memior or a book about TV or movies or a celebrities CD, this is where we let you know about it.  Books and things we know you'll be interested in!


If you have ever wanted to write for television but don't know where to start, A QUIKE GUIDE TO TELEVISION WRITING by Ray Morton is the perfect place to start! You can learn how you need to do the proper setup, what not to do, which can be very important on whether or not your script is even read past the first page! It's a small book, but it packs valuable information into it's small package. The first step to doing anything is to do it, but you need to do it right to get anywhere and this little gem will help get you there! It's the perfect gift for that aspiring writer on your gift list!



STAR TREK FAQ 2.0 jumps right in where the first book left off. Focusing on the continuing adventures of the Enterprise and it's next generation, 2.0 is once again a book that is heaven sent for Star Trek fans! It always amazes me when I see these FAQ books, as to how much detail and the number of hours (days or months) it must take to compile so much information! It's all in this book! From all the post original series movies, deeply into The Next Generation and even touching upon Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. If you have a Trekkie friend who has been showing of their Trekkieness over the years and you want to blow them away with Star Trek trivia, this is the book you need! Enjoy! Resistance is futile!


"The Treasures of Bruce Lee"

All I can say about THE TREASURES OF BRUCE LEE is WOW! This book is really cool! Filled with posters, memorabilia, letters, stickers and more, THE TREASURES OF BRUCE LEE is exactly that, a treasure found with the turn of each page. You can hardly call this a book (even though it is)! Bruce Lee was and is a true icon who left us way to soon, but this book follows his life and the legend with a a very complete book with some very neat stuff included. Don't miss out on this one!


"If You Like True Blood... "

IF YOU LIKE TRUE BLOOD... is a book dedicated to all things vampire! Tru Blood fans, as well as everyone else who reads this book, will be treated to hundreds of movies, TV shows and music dealing with the fanged fellows (and femmes). I've always enjoyed the classic Hammer Studio films dealing with vampires and this book has a wonderful section dealing with all the films they produced on the subject and I never realized how many songs deal with the little bloodsuckers! Get out your Holy water and stakes and be prepared for a good time with IF YOU LIKE TRUE BLOOD...!


"A Quick Guide To Screenwriting"

There are many books out there dealing with screenwriting. A QIUCK GUIDE TO SCREENWRITING stands out from the rest because it is just that...A QUICK GUIDE...it's not a detailed bible, but it covers the basics in a clean and concise small refernce book. If you have ever wondered what the general format is for a screenplay, this book has it! For a book that is so small, it packs a boatload of information into it's pages. Style, format, character development, rewrites, presentation, copyright, WGA...it's all there for you! This is just what you need to start you off on a new (all though, tough) career...or just to have fun!


"James Bond FAQ"

Shaken not stirred! Fifty years of Bond has given us more excitement, crashes, villians, women and more gadgets than any film series in history! JAMES BOND FAQ is a great book that will hand you more Bond facts than you can handle! Each chapter of the book is Bond gold. Want to know more about each villian from "Dr No" to "Skyfall"? It's in the book. What is a 007 movie without all the gadgets? One chapter takes through them all, the dagger shoe, the jet pack, the yo-yo saw and all the cars! Can you name all the Bond girls?...you will after reading this book. Can you name the second bananas to Bond, the people who helped Bond, other than Felix? It's in there! And the music...many of the Bond themes are classics. Did you know Paul McCartney was considered to score "Diamonds Are Forever? Of course, it never came to pass, but he later gave us one of the biggest Bond themes ever with "Live and Let Die". For every 007 wannabe out there, be sure to get JAMES BOND FAQ!


"Dr Who FAQ"

Dr Who fans will love this book! DR WHO FAQ gives us a complete look at the history of one of British televisions most successful shows. From it's humble beginings to the current world wide phenomenon, DR WHO FAQ has it all! All the info on all the actors who played Who, the Tardis, the Vashta Nerda, the Voord, the Zygons, they are all in this fascinating book! It also features a complete episode guide and it is loaded with pictures of posters and photos of behind the scenes that will bring back memories for all of the Dr's legions. I can't say I was a big fan of the Dr Who series, but from reading this book, I have a lot more insite into the show!


"I Remember Me"

I REMEMBER ME is an engaging look at moments in the life of comedic legend Carl Reiner and what a look it is! Carl takes us into his early years as he played with his friends on the streets of New York, his time working at a resort where he meet his wife and his pals including Mel Brooks. It's just a wonderous trip through a long and successful career. I found that no matter what Carl was writing about in the book, that the underlying link was always his wife and his love for her. Be sure to check this out and I'm sure you will enjoy this funny and heartwarming read.


"FilmCraft: Producing"

FILMCRAFT: PRODUCING is another book in the Film Craft series. All of the books in the series I have seen so far have been excellent references and PRODUCING is no exception! The list of producers interviewed is amazing, each giving their take on the film world and their movies. Anyone, whether in the business or just interested in hearing the stories from the producers, will enjoy this book...especially film students! Another big thumbs up for the Film Craft books!


"Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics"

DIRECTING: FILM TECHNIQUES AND AESTHETICS is a treasure trove of information and step by step instructions for directing a movie. Unlike FILMCRAFT: PRODUCING which can be enjoyed by the average movie buff, DIRECTING takes us into the actual nitty gritty of filmmaking. This book is a must for anyone working on a small or large film. Since we have many readers and listeners on OSB who deleve into filmmaking in different levels, this book is what you need! It's like having an expert guiding you along the way....it does get techinical and it may be just what you need to take your film to the next level!


"The Perils Of Show Business: Proceed At Your Own Risk"

THE PERILS OF SHOW BUSINESS by Charles Grodin should be required viewing by anyone seriously thinking about going into show business. Grodin speaks frankly, of course with his usual style, about his career and what people should expect as they decide if they wish to persue a career in acting or directing. He throws out some very interesting and surprising numbers about how many people actually end up making a living from acting. I'm not talking about the few who make millions per picture, but the few who make enough to survive and the thousands who never make it at all. Grodin has had quite a career himself, acting in many hit movies and then moving on to hosting talk shows, writing books, etc. He pulls no punches and if you are seriously thinking about working in show business, take the time to view this DVD, it could sway you one way or the other. I only wish he had a companion book to go along with it!


"Screen World Volume 63: The Films of 2011"

SCREEN WORLD VOLUME 63: THE FILMS of 2011 continues the annual look at the year in film. Each year a new edition of Screen World comes our way in a wonderful book for all movie buffs. "Money Ball", "The Artist", Harry Potter and many, many more films are covered in this book. I fully recommend this book, but to be honest, the one thing I wish this edition had was color pictures, instead of the black and white ones. As small detail considering all the facts, obits and movie info packed between the covers.The perfect companion book for your movie lover!


"The Little Blue Book for Filmmakers"

THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK FOR FILMMAKERS. This book makes a great reference for beginning filmmakers and student filmmakers! It is written by Carl Gottlief, who wrote "Jaws"and Toni Attell, who is an Emmy nominated actress. With these two people guiding you, it's a great guide! This book instructs you on how to deal with many of the problems that will come your way when making a film, whether you are the director, producer, writer or actor. Low cost, big advice for filmmakers. Available November 1


"If You Like Quentin Tarantino..."

IF YOU LIKE QUENTIN TARANTINO.... I love the IF YOU LIKE series books. This one gives you a deep look into different types of film that influenced or pay homage to the films of Quentin Tarantino...a must for his fans. The book is filled with quirky films and it even has a 'best films" list chosen by Taratino himself. Check the book out and then check out the films listed and IF YOU LIKE QUENTIN TARANTINO...you like the other films! Available November 6


"If You Like The Terminator"

IF YOU LIKE THE TERMINATOR is a fun book that is packed with information and fun facts about TV shows and movies that in some way connect with the film THE TERMINATOR. It takes us into the world of classic Sci-fi movies such as "The Day The Earth Stood Still" to info on the cast of THE TERMINATOR, the sequels, the TV series, tgames and all things TERMINATOR! There is even a section on director James Cameron, who directed the original film and it has facts about his other projects. This book is stuffed full of information that all movie buffs, TERMINATOR fans and trivia buffs will enjoy.



STAR TREK FAQ is the ultimate Star Trek book. It answers everything you could want to know about the famous series. The usual bio's on the cast are here, what they have been up to and some really cool behind the scenes facts. But, this book goes way beyond just that! There is a section on the origins of famous Star Trek quotes (and imagined quotes) and another on parodies of the show and I really got a kick out of the section on continuity, wardrobe and equipment problems that occurred during the filming of the show. This book is a lot of fun for the avid Star Trek fan, but also fascinating for those that just enjoy an interesting read, Beam me up, Scotty! (Oh wait, no one ever really said that on the show!) Live long and prosper!


"HENRY DARROW: Lightning in the Bottle"

Finally! A book about the actor who breathed life into the character of Manolito Montoya on "The High Chaparral"! Fans of late 60's TV show will remember Henry Darrow as the mesmerizing rascal Manolito and his infectious smile. The book, HENRY DARROW: Lightning in the Bottle, brings us into the personal life of the Emmy winning actor. From his early beginnings to his time on the soap "Santa Barbara", author Jan Pippins and Henry Darrow give us a truley intimate read. We also get an inside look into Darrow's times as the swashbuckling "Zorro" and how he opened the door for other Hispanic actors. Whether your a fan of "The HIgh Chapparal", "Zorro", Santa "Barbara", his stage work or just looking for an interesting story...it's in this book. Check it out!



I have always enjoyed actor George Kennedy's performances, "Cool Had Luke", "The Eiger Saction", the "Airport" films and "The Naked Gun" films just to name a few. He has won an Oscar and has been nominated for two Golden Globes. After reading his memoir TRUST ME, I have even more respect for him than I did before. He brings us into his life, which in his early years was not an easy one. It's been a long road and not always picture perfect. He really speaks to you in this book and he pulls no punches. He shares his stories and he shares his views on life. An amazing book from an amazing actor!


"THE LUCKY SOUTHERN STAR: Reflections From The Black Lagoon"

Julie Adams looks back over her career in THE LUCKY SOUTHERN STAR: REFLECTIONS FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and what a ride it's been. I enjoyed the book very much and learned a lot about the actress. The book has a wonderful inside cover that shows many pictures of old movie posters of films that Julie was in over the years. Her career was so much more than the woman terrorized by the Gil-Man in "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". She was in "Tickle Me" with Elvis, did films with Jimmy Stewart as well as co-starring in his TV show in the 70's. More recently she was on "Lost" and many other TV shows. Read the book, you'll be amazed at all the films and TV shows she has been in!



Emile Menasche brings us another book for the musician. His previous books covered the home and computer side of being a musician, but every musician wants to get out infront of an audience and jam! But how do you set up your euipment on stage to get the best sound and functionality? YOUR SOUND ONSTAGE has you covered. The book is a treasure trove of information, from how to setup each instrument to soundchecks and mics. Even if you've been performing live for a while, this book is bound to have something in it that will improve your sound...and ultimately your performance. Another must have book for musicians!



THE DESKTOP STUDIO has all the necessary information you need to record your next great album on your computer. This book guides you through the process with ease. Today, most people are computer savy and the musician can creat an entire album digitally with an ordinary home computer, no longer needing a room filled with expensive recording equipment. You will need software and accessories for your computer to accomplish your audio masterpiece and this book is what you need to guide you. The layout is nice and is written so even a beginner will understand. It's a great book to have in your musical library!


"HOME STUDIO CLINIC: A Musician's Guide To Professional Recording"

Your a musician and you want to set up a studio in your home...where do you start? Sure, you can try to set one up and run into all kinds of problems along the way...it's part of learning right? Well, there is help! HOME STUDIO CLINIC is a wonderful book by composer/musician Emile Menashe that will take you step by step through the process and help you avoid those problems. This book is a must for every musician. It has may tips and is sure to be a reference book that you will use for a long time!


"Where There's Smoke: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man: A Memoir by William B. Davis"

William B. Davis may not be a household name, but he has been a talented actor for over 60 years and is best known for his roll as the cigarette smoking man on "The X-FIles". I was impressed by his memoir. He could have sugar-coated his stories of his fellow actors, but instead we get a realistic and open look into his life, being on "The X-Files" and his fellow actors. Not that he bashes anyone, but we get what seems to be an honest, candid and sometimes funny read. An enjoyable book for everyone and a must for all X-Files fans!


"FilmCraft: Editing "

It's not everyday that you get to read interviews with some of the best film editors in movieland. Until now! FILMCRAFT: EDITING takes us into the minds of film editors who have worked on films such as "The Hurt Locker", "SpiderMan", "There Will Be Blood" and many more. We get to see how they worked with the director to bring us the films that captivate us. What made them decide to use a certain shot while going through the hours of film that was shot and why did others end up on the cutting room floor. A great book for film editors and film buffs!


"FilmCraft: Cinematography "

FILMCRAFT: CINEMATOGRAPHY shows us what many of us take for granted...the actual photography of a film. The cinematograhper is the one who paints the picture on film and in your mind for each scene and this book is filled with interviews with some of the best! This is another in a series of books dealing with filmmaking that the filmmaker in your family will love! Be sure to check this one out! A must for every independent filmmaker.


"Screen World Volume 62: The Films of 2010 "

It's that time of year and SCREEN WORLD VOLUME 62 THE FILMS OF 2010 is out and it is an annual book that is the most complete recap of the films of each year, this one covering 2010! This is THE book for every film fan! With the holiday's coming up and you are trying to look for the perfect gift for the film fan on your list, look no further. As a lover of the big screen myself, this book gives you all the info you need on ever big hit movie and many films you never heard of from 2010. Information includes who was in the film, what was the film about and pictures galore! I can't say enough about this book. LOVE IT!



Mary Lou Belli and Bethany Rooney are two of TV's leading directors. They combine forces to come up with DIRECTORS TELL THE STORY, an amazing book that is a step by step guide on directing. The book includes everything from choosing the actors to dealing with stress and everything in between. Whether you are a beginning director or a seasoned one, there is no better book to have and gain knowledge from two such prestigious directors..


"The Dead Celebrity Cookbook"

THE DEAD CELEBRITY COOKBOOK is an entertaining work for all movie and TV lovers, giving us tasty tidbits about some of our favorite celebrities who have passed on, as well as giving us some of their favorite recipies! The title my sound a little morbid, but author comedian Frank DeCaro has a true affection for each of the people he highlights in the book. There are chapters on Star Trek stars, Batman villians, TV detectives and Lucy even gets her own chapter! A wonderful mix of trivia and recipies!


"Music On Film: A Hard Day's Night"

MUSIC ON FILM: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT is a little book packed with fun facts about the first film made by Rock and Roll's greatest band; the Beatles! It includes pictures and info about the making of the film, but don't be put off by the small size of the book...it is a goldmine! The film was shot in six weeks and the book has a day by day breakdown of that filming and the historic results. A must for every Beatle fan or movie lover!


"Music On Film: Grease "

MUSIC ON FILM: GREASE captures the fun and excitement of one of the top musicals ever made! It's amazing that one little book can hold so many facts about such a hugh film, but it does! Fun facts include casting choices that never came to be, ex. Marie Osmond, as well as facts about the shooting and what came to be a box office bonanza and a launching to super stardom for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Grease, it's still the word!


"The Vampire Film"

THE VAMPIRE FILM is a book that can really be concidered the ultimate vampire movie guide! It chronicles the history of vampire movies from the very first appearence of the Prince of Darkness on celluloid to the Twilight Saga and True Blood. The book covers from some of the most obscure versions of the toothy creatures as well the most popular days of Dracula with Bela Lugosi! The book is a treasure filled book with pictures of vampires af all sorts. I never knew there were so many vampire films out there! Read it and enjoy!


"The Boy Who Loved Batman "

THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN is not just a book about a boy who enjoyed reading comic books while growing up. It's not just a book about Batman or a book about Hollywood. Even though it includes all these thing, it is mainly a book about keeping your dreams alive, no matter what others think. Michael Uslan has proven that you can do what you love and change the minds of those who think otherwise. From his childhood to becoming the executive producer of the recent Batman movies, Michael shares his story in this amazing book filled with photos that is sure to bring back fond memories!



Greg Kihn had a string of hits in the 80's including "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write' Em) and "Jeopardy". His latest release includes those hits, plus some other gems, many with different arrangements, acoustic, live and studio versions, which makes for a very interesting compilation. It's always fun to hear multiple versions of the same song, to hear how the artist is feeling when the song was recorded. "Kihnplete" delivers! They don't write em like that anymore. Na na na na na na na na na..........infectious!


Chair Dancing Fitness


CHAIR DANCING FITNESS is a series of DVD's which gives people who can not do a regular fitness workout, for whatever reason, elderly, injury or limited mobility, a chance to stay fit. The host Jodi Stolove does a good job of motivating the viewer without the yelling and in your face method used by the extreme TV show workouts we see every week. She promotes a relaxing method which will help people who can only exercise from a chair and give them the confidence to continue. Don't get me wrong, this DVD is not only for the elderly, it is also great for people who work at a computer or desk all day. Take a few minutes each day and stretch at your desk. You'll feel better! Check this one out!


Sell Your Own Damn Movie!


Lloyd Kaufman is a man who knows how to get out there and sell movies. His new book, SELL YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE, gives you the knowledge on how to sell your movie. This book is a real gem for independent filmmakers who can learn a thing or two from the master himself. Lloyd has been pushing his Troma Films for over 40 years, from "The Toxic Avenger" to "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead"! His book mixes sound advice with Lloyd's wacky sense of humor and makes for a great read that should be part of every filmmakers library!


The True Adventures of The World's Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Indiana Jones, James Bond, Superman and other movie heros

Vic Armstrong may not be a household name, but everyone has seen his work. Vic has amazed us on screen over the last 40 years with his stunts, as he doubled for some of movies biggest icons. His book covers his years of stunt work for Harrison Ford, Christopher Reeve, almost all the James Bond actors and other action stars including Arnold. The book is an amazing chronicle of his life and it takes us behind the scenes of the biggest action movie of all-time. I enjoyed the stories and I know you will also, so be sure to check it out!



63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read Gov. Jesse Ventura has had an interesting past with his wrestling, TV shows, books and politcs. His latest book stirs controversy as only he can do! He has filled the book with actual government documents obtained through the Freedon of Information Act and it makes for an eye opening read. From the CIA to 911, this book covers a wide range of topics. Check it out and be sure to check out our interview with Jesse and hear him speak about the book in episode #168 of OSB in our Rerun section.


SHARK TALES: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business

SHARK TALES: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business Barbara Corcoran brings us a very interesting book highlighting how she started in business and moving up to her current TV show "Shark Tank" in which she invests in her own money in entrepreneur's businesses. The book details her dealings in business and how she uses lessons learned from her mother while growing up to help her along the way. From dealing with Donald Trump to the businesses she has invested in on "Shark Tank", it's all in this book and it makes for fascinating reading!



Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe Reading this book, I was amazed at how candid it was and what an intimate feel you get. Rob Lowe shares a lot with the reader and for those of us that enjoy hearing behind the scenes stories about films and TV shows, will really get a kick out of this book! From Tom Cruise, Ralph Macchio and Matt DIllion to Francis Coppola and many more, they are all here. Lowe gives us an interesting look behind all the headlines and hoopla that the media dishes out to us about actors. A must read!


LESSONS FROM THE MOUNTAIN: What I Learned From Erin Walton

Lessons From The Mountain by Mary McDonough Mary McDonough played Erin Walton through the entire run on "The Waltons". With her book, she shares with all of us, a glimpse into what it was like to be on TV back then, the good and the bad, as well as throughout the rest of her career. I enjoyed this book very much, it being the first book that takes us behind the scenes of the famous TV show by a major cast member. Mary also reveals her struggle with self-esteem issues, which shows us all that even celebrities have the same issues the rest of us may have. A must for any Waltons fan and just a great all around book!




STUNTMAN by Hal Needhan Stuntman is an amazing look into the life of famed Stuntman/Director Hal Needham! Hal's stunt career included working with many of Hollywood's biggest names including John Wayne! He went on to direct his friend Burt Reynolds in "Smokey and the Bandit" (1 & 2) and "The Cannonball Run" films! This book gives us a fascinating look into how these films came about and the road Hal took to bring us some of the most awesome stunts ever made on film and all the broken bones along the way! I highly recommend STUNTMAN!



Cady McClain LIVE Club Passim

Cady McClain LIVE Club Passim Soap star Cady McClain has a live CD out that makes you feel like you are sitting in a room with a close friend who is playing her songs for you. Cady's wonderful personality shines as she sings her songs. She even lets loose with the song she sang on "All My Children" so many times as Dixie, "You Are My Sunshine". This was obviously a big hit with the audience. If your a fan of Cady from her soap work, you will not want to miss this and if you just want to hear a nice collection of songs with an intimate live feel...be sure to check out Cady McClain LIVE Club Passim!


Byte-Sized Television: Create Your Own TV Series On The Internet

Byte-Sized Television: Create Your Own TV Series On The Internet If you have ever thought or wanted to make your own TV Show, now you can ... on the web and this book is the perfect guide on how to do it! Ross Brown is a former writer for "The Cosby Show" and writer and producer of shows such as "Step By Step", "The Facts Of Life","Who's The Boss" and author of this very informative book. Ross' book gives you tips and info that will save you time as you move to have the next internet sensation! Be sure to check this out!


BUZZ: the life and art of Busby Berkeley

BUZZ: the life and art of busby berkeley  Writer Jeffrey Spivak has written a compelling chronicle of the life of the film genius - Busby Berkeley. Anyone who is a lover of classic films will enjoy this book. Berkeley pioneered may of the film techniques still used in films today! The book not only looks at the film accomplishments of Brekeley, but also at the tragic personal life he led. Add this one to your personal library!


Killing Me Softly My Life In Music

KILLING ME SOFTLY MY LIFE IN MUSIC  Charles Fox tells the story of his life in music in this fascinating book. Charles has written hit songs such as "Killing Me Softly With His Song", "Ready To Take A Chance Again" and more TV show theme songs than we have space to list, but "Happy Days", "Lavern & Shirley", and "The Love Boat" are just a few. I had the opportunity to interview Charles and besides being a remarkable composer, he is also a wonderful person and this book gives us a deeper look into the enjoyable music he has given us over the years.



The Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide

THE INDEPENDENT FILM PRODUCER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE  Here is a book which is a must have for all independent filmmakers! This book will help you avoid common mistakes and give you valuable examples of numerous forms you need to have a successful production....including writer and actor agreements. If you are making or thinking of making a film, you really need to read this book or at least have it on hand as a reference! All you need is a great story!




Songwriting for Dummies

SONGWRITING FOR DUMMIES  This is a great book for the aspiring songwriter! It takes you from the beginning, to the end of your musical masterpiece with helpful hints on developing your song, the lyrics, marketing and distribution. If you are thinking of testing the songwriting waters, this is a great book to help you learn what to do and what to avoid. We highly recommend this book!




I've Met All My Heros From A to Z

I'VE MET ALL MY HEROS FROM A TO Z  Ron Masak has written a very interesting book about people he has worked with and known over the years.  He lets us behind the scenes with his friends and coworkers, such as Bob Hope, Angela Lansbury, Lucille Ball, Rock Hudson and so many more!  Astronauts, politicians and actors.  It's a lot of fun and I highly suggest you check it out!




Child of the 80's -Comedy CD

DAVA KRAUSE Child of the 80's CD  Comedienne Dava Krause has a new CD out that explores the cild of the 80's.  Some of the bits are cuts from her live performances and others are studio performances of songs she wrote.  Funny stuff here!  The song where she does imitations of female singers such as Alanis Morrissette and Sheryl Crow is a riot!  Check it out!



Eighty Is Not Enough

Phoenix Books - EIGHTY IS NOT ENOUGH  TV icon, Dick Van Patten has written a very interesting book about his life.  He shares stories of his very early years, how he broke into acting on stage, moved into movies and TV, EIGHT IS ENOUGH, his films with Mel Brooks,  all the way through today.  I found it to be very enjoyable read about a wonderful actor.



The Story Behind The Song

Chicken Soup For The Soul:THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG Music lovers will get a kick out of this book!  We get to find out the story behind songs such as Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", "My Way" written by Paul Anka, Christina Aguilera's "Fighter", Usher's "Yeah!" and the list goes on and on!  Country, Pop, Standards, Rock, all genre are represented.  This is an informative and fun book!



ScreenWorld 60:Films of 2008

Applause Theatre & Cinema BooksSCREEN WORLD 60: Films of 2008  Here's an interesting book filled with information on the movies of 2008.  Be it the blockbusters or the indie films, this book has them.  Loaded with pictures, synopses, cast and crew listings, obituaries, it's all here.  Wall-e, The Dark Knight and Milk are all here as well as some gems you never heard of but should know.  A film buff's delight!  It makes a great reference!



Theater World 65: 2008-2009

Applause Theatre & Cinema Books - THEATER WORLD 65: 2008-2009 Here's a great companion to Screen World, only it covers Broadway, Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway.  It's amazing how many screen actors also work in the world of Theater.  You have to love these books, they have so much info in them...and the pictures!  It's loaded with them!  Another must have for the Theater lover!



A Fortunat Life: Robert Vaughn

Thomas Dunne Books - A FORTUNATE LIFE: ROBERT VAUGHN   It's always fun to read a memoir and peek into the life of a celebrity beyond the screen.  Robert Vaughn allows us to read his story and what a story it is!  We get a dose of classic Hollywood and his early exploits.  Interesting and amusing at times.  Robert was a wonderful guest on On Screen & Beyond in episode 94 and you can hear him share some of those stories in a 50 minute chat which leaves you wanting more and as he said "why is it a fortunate life?  Read the book!"



Aloha Magnum: Larry Manetti

ALOHA MAGNUM: Larry Manetti's Magnum, P.I. Memories  Larry Manetti brings us a book filled with stories of his life and the Magnum years, but it's not just about his career.  There's a whole section with recipies he has shared with his acting friends including Tom Selleck and Ernest Borgnine.  There is also a complete episode guide for all the Magnum shows.  He was a guest of OSB in episode 86.




Pieces of My Heart: Robert Wagner

PIECES OF MY HEART: ROBERT WAGNER  An amazing book, filled with stories of Robert Wagner's early meetings with classic Hollywood royalty up to now.  It's fascinating to read the stories he shares in this book, some humorous, some tug at your heart.  Check out our interview with Robert in episode 77.




Priceless Memories: Bob Barker

PRICELESS MEMORIES: BOB BARKER   One of America's most respected TV personalities tells us the story of his life.  It seems Bob Barker has always been sharing his day with America, be it on "Truth or Consequences" or "The Price Is Right".  He will definitly be missed on TV, but thankfully he shares his life with us once again in this book!  He was also a guest on On Screen & Beyond in episode 58 and he talks about the book.



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